Created by Shreveport natives Evan Falbaum, Kemerton Hargrove and Daniel Lachman, we’re a home grown creative video agency. Our goal is to be able to produce films, TV, commercials and music videos in Shreveport as long as we can. We like it here.


We believe there's a lack of personality in a lot of video work these days. Moviesauce is the secret ingredient your project needs to stand out. It's the special sauce that pushes your project to it's full potential. It's that extra little kick that will make your video memorable and special. It's what keeps our clients coming back for more after they get that first taste.


We love being creative. We love mixing up new recipes and trying new ingredients to make our moviesauce as good as it can. But moviesauce isn’t one thing or one flavor. It’s constantly in flux. Evolving. Learning. Improving. Succeeding and sometimes, inevitably, failing. We embrace it.


Collectively, we come from backgrounds in film, design, photography, writing, and music. We have a mix of academic, professional, and self-guided experience in these fields. We've worked in New York and Los Angeles. Our films have screened at festivals across the country. And we have an ever expanding network of artists and collaborators that we can call on for help.


Our process is always changing based on the needs of a project or client. We have all of our own equipment. We’re nimble, efficient, and loaded with ambition. We flow easily and organically, like sauce, to fill any shape or mold. We can adjust our recipe to fit your needs. Just drop us a line and we’ll get cooking.